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Art Photographer

I come from a long line of inventors, who used their imagination to create things to make ordinary life a little bit better, starting with my Great-Great Grandfather Joseph Binks who invented the cold-water paint spray system that was used to paint the buildings of the 1893 Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in time for its opening.  My grandfather devised pinball machines and quality control devices for tin and other metals.  My father created a machine that made 500 miles of sausage casing a day.  In this environment, I learned to look at ordinary items with new eyes, to see what beauty could be found there. With my photography, I try to capture images that represent the intersection of the everyday and imagination.  We tend to not see what beauty surrounds us, but when we look more closely with our imagination and creativity, we see a much more interesting world.


I studied photography at Columbia College in Chicago.


Art Through the Lens 2021

Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, KY October 2 - November 13 - 2021


ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL 1988

Midwestern Landscapes

Beacon Street Gallery, Chicago, IL 


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